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This questionnaire will help the dentist and his or her staff provide the best possible care and reduce the risk of medical complications.
It is in the patient’s best interest to carefully fill it out and notify the dentist of any change in their health condition.

Medical history:

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Mental disorders or illnesses :*
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Tuberculosis or lung disorders :*
Asthma :*
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Allergy or manifestation with products containing:
Latex :*
Penicillin :*
Other antibiotics :*
Codeine :*
Aspirin :*
Sulfonamides :*
Anesthetic :*
Food :*
Iodine-containing products :*
Other medical conditions that should be mentioned:

Other aspects:

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I hereby agree to allow the dentist and his or her staff to obtain information that is relevant to or consistent with the purpose of the file from the health professionals listed above or to disclose such information to these health professionals.

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